October 16, 2019

Sistem Autodownline Versi 4.0.2

Sistem autodownline versi 4.0.2 sudah boleh dimuat turun. Versi ini membekalkan PATCH terhadap beberapa isu yang timbul sebelum ini.

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Sistem Autodownline v5.1.0

[ADD] Statistic. The owner can now view top sponsors. [ADD] Show password option for login and registration form. [ADD] Incoming Click Traffic and Campaign. [ADD] Drip content for membership [ADD] Cron Job manually run and retry [ADD] Subscription validity check. [ADD] Wabot Integration** [FIX] All bugs.

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Sistem Autodownline v5.0.0

[ADD] Bonus Feature. The owner can now set a bonus (multi-tier) for every new subscription that occurs. For example, if Person A registers a paid subscription, his upline(s) will earn bonuses according to the bonus set. [ADD] Wallet Feature. For every bonus that is approved, it will be credited to the user's wallet. The user […]

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Sistem Autodownline v4.2.0

[ADD] Role Management. The owner can now check all users under roles and manage permissions assigned to the roles. [FIX] Add upgrade management page.[FIX] Fix username issue when a new user signs up to the system.[FIX] Some minor issues.

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